- April 29, 2020
There are few fabrics in this world as perfect as silk. Between its relative ease to harvest, the multitude of different products which can be made from it and the softness of its texture, silk has made quite a name for itself over a span of several hundred years. If not for its price, people may consider silk one of the most perfect materials in the world. Unfortunately, the relatively high price on most silk products has kept many people from enjoying this wonderful fabric for decades. Now, though, that manufacturing costs are spiraling downwards and supplies are going up, silk is not just reserved for the rich and the powerful, as anyone who enjoys the feel of silk can now purchase a variety of different silk garments and products.

As with any material, most of the prominent products manufactured from silk include clothing. Thanks to silk’s incredibly soft and smooth feel, however, it has been the product of choice for the manufacture of things like underwear, sheets and lingerie. Silk lingerie and the quintessential pair of silk boxer shorts have been two of the top selling silk products for quite some time. More recently, famous designers have also added silk long underwear and silk pajamas to the mix to create some diversity amongst their product lines. From a silk tie to a silk scarf and a silk stocking set, nearly any type of clothing accessories you can imagine have been faithfully reproduced using this centuries old fabric.

With the decline in silk prices, products made from silk have been on the rise in many peoples’ homes.  Two of the most popular items for the home include silk sheets and a silk curtain set. Both of these products can essentially be made from any fabric you desire, but why would you consider getting sheets or curtains in any other material than silk when it is so incredibly soft and buttery feeling. For decorative purposes, you can now purchase a silk tree – an artificial tree with its leave
- April 29, 2020
Guide to Dating Vintage Clothing 

There are a lot of interesting things about vintage clothes—their unique fabrics, flattering silhouettes, meticulous trimmings, and of course history. Only few, however, take interest in digging deep into the history of a given vintage item. They know it is from the past, but where exactly in the past, they are clueless. Remember that the ability to date vintage items saves you from buying fake ones.

How sure are you that a garment is an authentic vintage piece and not just something that is made to look like one? Every vintage-loving person—whether a collector or a fashionista—should be skilled in dating vintage clothing items. The following are some guides. 

1.) Peruse fashion history books. Fortunately, a lot of books written by reliable authors are available today. Make an investment and get yourself copies. You can also check websites that have detailed and interesting presentations on the fashion plates for every decade. Study the lines and silhouettes and notice their differences. Take a closer look at the prevailing lifestyle at any given decade and the subsequent trends.

What were the most stylish fabrics in the 1930’s? What were the fashion innovations caused by World War II in the 1940’s? How long were the skirts in the 1950’s? This may be too overwhelming a task, but this is a good starting point. Keep in mind that in terms of dating vintage clothes, nothing can replace your knowledge of the fashion history.

2.) Look at the zipper. Many people take zippers as clues in dating vintage garments. Zippers were first created in 1891, in the Victorian era, but appeared in garments only in the1930’s. That time, however, traditional button fastenings or press studs were more widely used in garments. Until 1950’s, zippers were sewn in side seams of garments, and later began to appear on center backs. Metal zippe
- April 29, 2020
Get All Classic With Men’s Vintage Clothing

It is true that there are more vintage clothes available for women than men. Women, after all were, and still are, observed to be more careful with their clothes and kept them in good condition. Still, although men’s vintage clothing pieces are in inferior number and often have more holes, stains, and all sorts of damages, men can still scour the whole of a vintage store and successfully find vintage garments that can still be worn for many more years. 

There are many vintage choices for men that are still in style today. Classic, if we may say. And interestingly, classic pieces look very good on men, whether as casual, office, or evening attires. Vintage stores offer these classic vintage garments, and some of them are the following:

1.) Zoot Suit. Made popular in the 1940’s, zoot suit is composed of slim, high-waisted trousers and long, broad-shouldered jackets. Its bright colors and structure give it a highly stylish appeal, which is why it was mostly worn by teenagers and young men in its heyday. 

2.) Eisenhower Jacket. It has short collars and is cinched in the waist. Also appeared in the 1940’s, the jacket took its name from General Dwight Eisenhower who was fond of wearing it.

3.) Buffalo Plaid Shirt. It has a very formal structure, although the checkered print is very casual. It was common in the 1960’s and was worn by older men. 

4.) Turtleneck. Another popular item in the 1960’s, turtleneck comes as a basic garment among men as it can be paired with practically everything—jeans, slacks, vest, blazer, or coat. 

5.) Nehru Collar. It is a buttoned garment with short, stand up collars, hence the name. It is tight fighting and can be paired with a jacket. Also popular in the 1960’s, nehru collars were worn by The Beatles and other celebrities.

6.) Khaki pan
- April 29, 2020
All about vintage clothing.

Celebrities in classic vintage clothing fanned the public’s awareness of vintage fashion. Today, more than ever, the concept of wearing clothes owned by people from earlier eras is not anymore limited to period parties and plays; going vintage has eventually become a trend. 

In strictest sense, vintage clothes are those produced in the 1920’s to 1970’s. Some, however, say that 1980’s clothes could still fit into the vintage category. Those made before 1920’s, on the other hand, are considered antique. Vintage clothes essentially are old, secondhand, and used, although a fraction of the vintage clothes were never worn by their original owners and thus belong to the dead stock market.

These clothes are more expensive than the used ones. Yet, there are also called vintage reproductions or repro. These are brand new clothes with designs and structures resembling those of the original vintage. Because they are produced in the contemporary times, there is more leeway in the use of fabrics, sewing techniques, and sizing. 

Where to find vintage clothes
Because of the hype in vintage fashion today, sources are pretty much abundant. Vintage stores are one. These stores have all the possible vintage items you are looking for—from evening dresses down to shoes and accessories. Vintage stores are privately owned and are regularly in search for more vintage items to buy and sell. 

You can also try and look in thrift stores, which sell donated vintage items for charitable purposes. When you buy from a thrift store, not only will you satisfy your vintage urge, you also get to help other people. 

Then there are the consignment stores. These stores act as sort of a middle man. People place their vintage clothes in consignment stores to sell, which if bought, the consignment store gets a predetermined percentage from the sales. If th
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The Modern History of the T-Shirt
T-shirts are the perfect blank canvas. They allow for self-expression through a simple, basic garment. You can pair them with anything—dress them up or down. Their versatility has become an expectation to the everyday wearer. Here’s a look at how they rose to fame as a fashion staple and made their way into the modern American lifestyle through pop culture and rebellion:
In the earlier half of the 20th Century, the T-shirt trends we see today first emerged in the mainstream. The Wizard of Oz was the first time we saw promotional T-shirts modeled after the emerald green Ts worn in the film by the people of Oz.
With this, T-shirts were seen as even more accessible to the masses. In the latter part of the century, T-shirts started making waves as a symbol of youth and rebellion. It was at this time that the T-shirt made its debut in film and therefore gained traction in popular culture. The rebellious image was launched in the 1951 film A Streetcar Named Desire, inspired by Tennessee Williams’ classic play. Actor and main protagonist, Marlon Brando, introduced a simple yet powerful image of danger and appeal that secured the T-shirt’s spot as a fashion necessity for everyone.


Reportedly, the first iconic concert T-shirt featured Elvis Presley in the late 1950s, sparking the band T trend that eventually led to iconic logos appearing on T-shirts from the Grateful Dead to Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones.  The T-shirt also has a thread of rebellion deeply woven into its fabrics. In the 1970s, the T-shirt was a fundamental part of protesting the Vietnam War. The tie-dye trends of Woodstock also led to rock and pop culture fan Ts in the ’80s and ’90s.  It was thanks to this dramatization of the T-shirt that the
- January 18, 2020


Easy Ways To Clean Vintage Clothing


Because vintage clothes have been around for many years, they are more prone to disintegration. One act of negligence and you are likely to jeopardize their condition and value. But how do you actually maintain and clean vintage clothing?  Many people end up ruining their vintage clothes because they know little about the fabric, cleaning chemicals and solutions, and procedures. If there’s one thing you have to keep in mind when cleaning vintage items it is to be extra careful. 


Some people are not naturally good at washing; they cannot even be trusted with their ordinary clothes. If you are one of them, it’s better not to attempt washing your vintage items. It would do you better if you take them to a cleaning specialist. Washing vintage clothes is unlike washing your ordinary clothes, for one, because they require special effort—you need to handwash them one at a time. Remember that the fabrics have aged and weakened considerably and subjecting them to rigid rotation inside a washing machine may cause damage. Same is true with the dryer, so to be on the safe side, consider air or drip drying your garments. Only make sure to use padded hangers instead of wood and metal, as these kinds may cause stains. 


Take note, however, that washing is good only to certain fabrics such as cotton, nylon, and some wools and silks. Others may shrink, lose their body and finish, and get distorted, thus requiring dry cleaning. Examples are rayon and lace. In some cases, though, they only need to be aired. For instance, if the garment is relatively clean but has a persisting odor, hang it outside. But keep in mind that some fabrics, such as white and cream wools and silks, may be prone to discoloration if put
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Nineties inspiration is omnipresent in fashion these days and it doesn’t come in a more blatant form than the logo tee. The understated staple of your favourite streetwear brands has been adopted by high fashion designers recently, who’ve raided the archives for old icons and emblems that they can place big and bold in the centre of the tee for all to see.


Here we’re talking about the ultimate Instagram-friendly brag, so choose one that boasts more than mundane typography and opt fora tiger tee or a classic logo one. The branding does the talking here, so keep things neat and minimal elsewhere to really let it shine or pop it under a neat blazer for the ultimate smart casual upgrade.



- January 06, 2020
If plain white tees are the Pete Sampras of the menswear world—well-rounded, even-mannered, a preeminent champion—then black tees are Andre Agassi. They’re sexier, sleeker, more direct. You wear a white tee because it’s easy and goes with everything; you pull on a black one when you want to feel good. They give off Danny Zuko-y bad boy vibes with a leather jacket, bring an assassin-like precision to a black or navy suit, and just generally look smart and modern on their own. You are never underdressed in a black T-shirt. And that’s why it’s important to find the very best one for your tastes and needs.  Express yourself with one of the designs from thetshirtbarn.com on a black tee. At thetshirtbarn.com you can find the best and most exclusive designs from Axtacy apparel, Good English Clothing, The Cure to Boredom, Kush Dynasty League, Zip Teez and more.



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Most of the baseball fans love sporting a baseball T-shirt. This symbolizes their love and admiration to this game. You must have seen thousands of baseball fans adorning baseball T-shirts and supporting their favorite teams. If you are als
o an ardent fan of this game, you must consider purchasing a baseball T-shirt. This has also become a fashion statement these days. These T-shirts look great and stands out well in the crowd.
So, next time you plan to watch a game, try sporting a baseball T-shirt and show how much you support your team.
Baseball T-shirts are available in cotton, polyester or a combination of both these fabrics. You must consider choosing one that is comfortable to wear. The T-shirt you buy must be washable.
In case, your favorite baseball team does not exist now, do not lose your heart. These days, you can easily find baseball hats supporting the teams in the past as well as the present. You may select the one that admires your favorite team. You can also purchase one that you can wear casually as a daily wear item.
A baseball T-shirt is available in all sizes. You can buy these T-shirts for your sweetheart, child or your friends.
The cost of these T-shirts usually varies on the brand.  You may also get yourself a baseball T-shirt stitched. Try getting a custom made T-shirt.
Most people love collecting baseball T-shirts as a hobby. 
So, be a true sports person and purchase a baseball T-shirt for yourself today.



- January 06, 2020

Promotional T-shirts have been a part of business promotion and marketing of brands for a long time. Promotional T Shirts can be given to clients, to prospective customers, and also to your employees to give them the added feeling of belonging to a brand. You do not need to be a world famous brand to benefit from promotional T-shirts. Even new businesses have used T Shirts to create awareness of their product, brand or business.
Giving Promotional T Shirts to your employees is a great way for brand endorsement. You can design T Shirts with your company brand and marketing message for your employees and if you are hosting a conference, exhibition or promotional event, make it mandatory for your employees to wear promotional T Shirts. It is a very inexpensive method to make your staff stand out from the crowd and you present an orderly unity among your employees, the same way in which a uniform serves.
Some businesses think that it is too expensive to buy a t-shirt online but they are often incorrect. Purchasing t shirts online is a fast and easy process and the choice of online shops is much better than you expect it to be with some allowing you to undertake the entire design process and payment online.
Corporate branding on T-Shirts can significantly improve the brand awareness of a business in a very short period of time and aside from the obvious marketing advantages branded T-Shirts and other clothing can enhance the perception of customers to your business. Considering the relatively low cost of purchase and printing T shirts against the length of time a good quality T Shirt can last, makes branded T shirts one of the most cost effective methods of marketing for many businesses.


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